5 Different Womens T shirts

Womens T shirts: 5 Different Style

Womens T shirts are full of variety and styles. Here go five different styles of Womens T shirts which are our favorites from many styles. They are for every occasion and for every type of women.

T-shirt types that are not gonna out of fashion!

Girls have a pile of T-shirts in their cupboard. They’ve probably bought them just because they liked them or they were on sale and often because of both. You know, now’s the moment when in front of the cupboard you wonder which one is the right one for this particular occasion or event? Many styles and many colors! When you think about dressing up, a T-shirt is probably the last thing that comes to your mind because you now want to just feel comfortable and relaxed. By the way, do you know why we are here? Let me tell you we’re here to tell you about the different occasion where you can draw attention and rock out. Instagram Ready!

Basic thing is that structure of T-shirt is not going to end out of fashion, Really! At least not now! Well, there are five types of T-shirts’ necklines which make them different from each other.

  • The most common neckline is round, you know the most basic T-shirt that is ever available
  •  V-necks, that enhances girls’ collarbone, are of basic V-neck and the deep V-neck.
  • Next is the bateau neckline – the kind that runs from shoulder to shoulder without showing too much skin.

Different types of womens t shirts you could wear for every occasion

Womens T shirts Round Neck Long Sleeve T Shirt
Womens T shirts Round Neck Long Sleeve T Shirt

The Womens T shirts Round Neck Long Sleeve T Shirt is probably every girl’s go-to outfit when she needs to look casual. With all the pretty pastel t-shirt colors for summer hitting the stores, these are the best things to ‘invest in’. Why? You can pair these types of t-shirts with jeans, shorts, skirts, palazzos, jeggings and so much more. And, if something so versatile isn’t an investment, then what it? Or you can even wear a really funky slogan t-shirt, something like ‘Fight like a girl’

Our pick: The hottest t-shirt color combination: A black t-shirt paired with denim shorts or jeans.

Plunge Neck Womens T shirts
Plunge Neck Womens T shirts

The Plunge Neck Women’s T-Shirts make a great look for a date because they scream casual yet sexy. It’s like giving out Women’s ‘I woke up like this vibe’, and boy oh boy do boys love that! Choose something like a Coffee or black t-shirt color design which you can team up with jeggings or a skirt, depending on where your date is. You could pair your plunging t-shirt with a pencil skirt and heels if you’re going somewhere fancy. If it’s just a casual date you could wear the t-shirt with ripped jeans. “My eyes are up here boy”.. we just hope you don’t need to say that too often.

Our pick: A plunging V neck tucked into a fitted skirt.

 V Neck Womens T shirts
V Neck Womens T shirts

Show off your collar bones with a cute V neck t-shirt when you’re out during the day. Considering that the temperatures are going to rise really quickly, white v neck t-shirt outfits look easy breezy and very summery! If you’re a clumsy kind of girl who might spill something on her white t-shirt or this white t-shirt style just isn’t you, choose a pastel color such as baby pink, a light sea blue or 2018’s favorite t-shirt color olive green. If you’ve been blessed with a flat tummy, you can even tie the t-shirt up on the side and show off that waist!

Our pick: A V neck with a pair of floral shorts or striped palazzo’s to look chic and casual.

Cold Shoulder Womens T Shirt
Cold Shoulder Womens T Shirt

Cold shoulders T-shirt were the biggest trend in 2018, and this new t-shirt style is here to stay. Fashion has gone from what is sleeve to keep the sleeves and lose the shoulders! Cold shoulders look great with skirts, jeans or palazzos. If you’re showing off some skin on top, it’s always classier to keep your legs covered. And since it’s brunch, don’t forget your sunnies!

Our pick: A cold shoulder t-shirt paired with palazzos or ripped blue jeans – depending on your style statement.

Womens Collared T shirts

It’s always good to be covered while your workout because you want to let all that sweat out. Also, you don’t want your breasts jiggling! Forget most popular t-shirt colors at the gym, the mandarin collar styled gym t-shirts are what most women are wearing these days. If that’s not your style, you could even wear a simple polo collar t-shirt with track pants for your workout.

Our pick: The zip up semi collared gym t-shirt with joggers.

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