The Christmas is near and we all are preparing for this great festival of billions of people. Also, do not forget that a New Year is next. So, we’re going to have enjoyment back to back.

Whenever a festival comes, it is a tradition to give gifts to our dear ones, friends, families and in a broad sense to the acquaintances in order to be close to them. Above all, gifts are amazing ways to share happiness. Here are we with 7 gift ideas to present your geeky friends, geeky-dear-ones this Christmas or New Year 2019.

We bet these electronic products are going to give your friends an amazing experience. And they will say thank you to you every time they use. These products are daily-electronic-essentials. Having beautiful design and easy-to-use, the products are sought after a lot. We think you are going to like our recommendations to present electronics gifts to your friends, families, and even to your partner this festive season. Let’s go through these wonderful gadgets and learn a little more about them.

1. Noise Cancelling Comfortable Sleep Headphones

Comfortable Sleep Headphones

This is basically an alternative to ordinary headphones. But it is more to ordinary headphones as it is designed to be with you in your every activity. They are wonderful for everything from traveling to sports, meditations, relaxation and above all SLEEP. Soft and comfy sleeping headband with built-in headphones which facilitates your habit of listening to music. This (Comfortable Sleep Headphones) is designed to provide you with comfortability, durability, and portability. The sleep headphones are lightweight which gives you extra comfort during your sleep, meditation, and relaxation or any other activity you’re into listening to your favorite music. You know headphone is always a great gift for a geeky. And this may be the great gift to your partner.

Present this care-for-sleep gift to your partner and feel them ‘yes, you take care of them’!

2. Selfie-Stick with Light

Selfie Stick with Light

A Selfie-stick is the best choice to gift. It facilitates taking a selfie of good quality. We all are into capturing our moments with our friends. Selfie-stick makes it for us to click best of moments. This selfie-stick is designed for clicking photos up to 270 angle rotation in order to get the perfect distance and angle with a knock-down mirror. It is extensible selfie-stick and has adjustable LED light which allows you to get a suitable light to show off your best beauty all day and night. It has a high-capacity rechargeable battery. The selfie-stick is easy-to-handle has beautiful curve making it more attractive. I recommend this item for your shopping this Christmas. It will be a precious gift for your dear ones.

Selfie-stick makes selfie way better!

3. Retro Phone Handset

New Arrival Classic retro 3.5 mm Comfort telephone Handset Mini Mic Speaker Phone Call Receiver For Iphone Samsung Huawei

Coming back to the old style of answering phone doesn’t seem interesting! Well, it is exciting for many of us. Because it has a lot of advantages. It reduces the radiations emitting from the mobile phone while talking to someone long. It gives comfort to hands and protects us from aches. This phone handset contains buttons for tuning on volume, turning down, hanging call. The Phone handset is added with high-quality speaker and microphone and has a luxuriously soft texture.

The retro handsets have been very popular for last a few years, and according to the buyers who ended up buying several ones, one after the other, there are a lot of fakes around from other companies but this handset is a nice retro phone made for comfort, great sound, and allowing you easily work on your iPhone or Android phone if you need to while you talk. We think it will be a great Christmas gift for many people.

Talking on the Phone with Old Style Make Us Talk Long to Our Dear Ones!

4. Audio Light bulbs

VONTAR E27 B22 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker+12W RGB Bulb LED Lamp 110V 220V Smart Led Light Music Player Audio with Remote Control

There are many LED light bulbs with built-in speakers on the market nowadays. It offers not only stereo music (with a nice bass), but also displays of colorful light which can pulse with audio. It’s a nice gadget for late garden parties.

Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker can be controlled via a smartphone, tablet and just Bluetooth. With LED lamp appearance and adjustable volume of light and music, this gives us an experience of light and music together. Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker is suitable for the bedroom, closet, cabinet, corridor, workshop, basement, garage, stairwell, oil depots, roof, door and other places you like, above all, it depends upon an individual.

Go together with Light & Music together!

5. Trendy Cute USB Hub

ORICO H4018 USB3.0 Hub Litte Pig Hub USB3.0 3 Ports with TF SD Card Reader for MacBook Air Laptop PC Support OTG function HUB
Cute Pig Cartoon USB Hub
CHYI Multi USB Hub Cute Airplane Design USB Splitter 4 Ports USB 2.0 Hub Jet Airliner Hub Adapter For PC Laptop Accessories

USB Ports are inevitable for a geeky. We have a lot of devices & gadgets to connect to our laptop. Here comes a USB Hub in use. Nowadays, USB hubs are with funny designs in order to make you interested. We have two funny USB Port recommendations for you; one is airplane-shaped-USB which has 4 ports, and one is pig-shaped-USB which has 3 ports and 3 piglets. They are easy-to-use and have an independent power supply to connected devices. They work well with external hard disks, phones, laptops, tablet, PCs, card readers as well as mice keyboards and the list goes to devices & gadgets having USB.

All the USBs in a Gadget!

6. Toilet Bowl Light

This is a weird yet amazing gift to present to your friends. Now, decorate the bathroom with this Toilet Bowl Light item. It is activated when you enter and deactivated when you leave because of motions sensor. Toilet Bowl Light comes with 8 colors which are randomly changing ones. You can also fix your favorite color or you can fix a color for a day, say Green on Monday and so on. It is a funny product to be gifted to friends.

Light up whenever you go!

7. Computer Microphone

Computer microphone is a good choice to gift to your friends who are into sound recording or making videos. This microphone is built with metal which enhances its beauty. The computer microphone is added with the tempered copper to build the net hood and is perfect to reduce the noise and catch the sound accurately. Sound quality is very good even in normal mode. It is a must-have item for those who use a microphone.

Producing better sound through computer microphone is easy!

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